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Rely on an experienced webmaster for your professional sites

Performance and safety first

If you can imagine it, I can make it happen

Wordpress, Prestashop, Magento or native code: for every need, a solution

in addition to PHP, HTML, Javascript, CSS, MySql, Bootstrap...

Are you planning to build a new website for your personal projects or business and don't know where to start?

Do you already have an online site but are not satisfied with the results or performance?

Together we will find a solution that fully reflects your requests, whatever project is, whatever technology you want to use: no CMS will be an obstacle.

Performance and Safety, top priority

Optimization for search engines and use of the latest precautions

Although protecting a 100% website is practically impossible nowadays (be wary of those who guarantee otherwise), there are still some practices to follow to minimize risks and prevent hacker attacks, which unfortunately few web agencies know or apply.

The same goes for performance, often only seemingly optimal, but which actually hide disappointing scores in Google’s tests: this can also be a serious obstacle for the indexing itself, despite good SEO optimization or fluent marketing campaigns.

SEO and SERP optimization, really done

But it's not enough to be first in search results if the content is missing

Attention to detail is key to climbing the rankings on search engines. Technical analysis, competitor analysis, tag placement, titles, image size: nothing is left to chance.

But that’s not enough if the right content is missing: that’s up to you.

Design designed to achieve the best UX possible with a modern and User Friendly UI

Web design for Responsive and above all Mobile Friendly sites, now predominant

I’m not a training graphic designer, nor a real web designer, but if I design a site from top to bottom, every aspect is designed to offer the most with my abilities.

In this, the study of competitors is important, but never as important as the customer’s wishes.

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